What this website is all about?

ORCHARD - Open-source R-packages Collections for Handling Agricultural Research Data is a platform where all R-packages for agricultural data analysis developed by team GRAPES are listed along with their user manuals. This website is exclusively for handling agricultural research data analysis.

We have successfully developed web application GRAPES (General R based Analysis Platform Empowered by Statistics) for Agricultural Research data analysis in Kerala Agricultural University see here. GRAPES is a web application for data analysis exclusively developed for faculty members and students of Kerala Agricultural University.

We are very much motivated by the response that we received on GRAPES, with over 14,000 visit to the website and 3000 above users and still growing. GRAPES is blooming and growing well in the fertile soils of Kerala Agricultural University. We have now covered almost all of the statistical analysis tools that we use in Agricultural Research.

A lot of enquires on using GRAPES and request for new analysis tools from other State Agricultural Universities and ICAR institutes have flooded our inbox. This made us to think about extending the capabilities of this powerful web application out side KAU boundaries. We are always motivated by the power of open-source and strongly feel that research supportive tools should be free.

Most of the time usage of GRAPES has crossed it server limit. As our resource on server requirements are limited, we have confined the usage of web application GRAPES only to Kerala Agricultural University. This made us think and voila! We came up with this new idea and that is GRAPES-ORCAHRD.

R is a powerful open-source statistical software. Anybody can freely download and use it. We are now trying to convert all the tools in GRAPES, in to R packages, which can be downloaded and used by anyone in any part of the world for free. ORCHARD - Open-source R-packages Collections for Handling Agricultural Research Data is a platform where all this packages are listed along with user manuals.

Our first R package is grapesAgri1. Dear researcher, now feel free to roam around our orchard and pick the GRAPES you want. No longer you are that old fox; and grapes of statistics are not sour anymore!

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