Once RStudio is installed successfully. Rstudio icon will be available on your desktop Or search in search box for Rstudio. Double click on the icon to get started

Typical Rstudio Window

Typical RStudio window has four panes as explained below

  1. Console

This is where the action happens. Here any authentic R code typed after the ‘>’ prompt will be executed after pressing ‘Enter’ to generate the output. This is where we are going to type our single call function to start our app for data analysis.

  1. Source

This is where R scripts (collection of code) can be created and edited. We won't be using much of these.

  1. Environment|History|Connections

One can browse in the internet and know more about these tabs if interested, we wont be using this much.

  1. Files|Plots|Packages|Help|Viewer

We are interested in the install button in this pane, to install packages required for our analysis.